How We Won The Truckies

Entering The Truckee Awards this year, I was a little nervous. First off, quick side bar about the side's bar: Really impressive sides this year. Looks like the "crab wave", I predicted has finally hit. One guy had Crab Fries (which were pretty solid.) Another guy had Yukon Gold potato/crab salad, which, I gotta say, was a bit of a miss-fire. Never mix the Rockies with the Atlantic, that's just day one stuff.

The topping's awards this year were really something. Lots of good sandwich stuff, still a big surge of aioli's but they are getting creative and that's what it's all about.

When it came time to judge my sand-o I was super nervous, but "confidence" --- as Michael Jordan says—"is simply the meat in the sauce on the pasta of success." (The basil is Scottie Pippen if anyone was wondering.) And that has been my mantra every day while preppin' sandwiches. I handpicked the best rolls, cut the freshest lettuce, sliced the ripest tomatoes, made sure I had the leanest meat. Lean meat is the secret, gang. Gotta have lean meat. I loaded that sandwich and up with nothing but grit, sweat, blood, and tears, which now that I'm hearing it is kinda gross. So grit = steak, sweat = lettuce, blood = tomato, and tears = aioli. Ya know what just throw the whole thing out. I loaded it up with the freshest ingredients.

I will never forget that day. I will never forget the smell of exhaust from all the food trucks. I will never forget the sound of my name, MY NAME! Being announced out of that boombox. I am Dave Rose and I won The 2011 Truckee's.

The Secret Of My Success

People often ask me if there's a trick to my cheesesteaks. If, you know… I add a little something extra to the meat. Maybe the secret is in the house dressing. Or the bread. The answer is simple, friends. Secrets are secrets for a reason. I neither deny nor confirm ponderations about my secrets. It's not an extra ingredient, or something mystical. It's simple: the wonder about the secret is what makes it so special. It's a concept I call "Secretions." That's our… wait, no. Just know there IS a secret and the secret of that secret is knowing that there's a secret. Which means I just gave away the secret. Crap.